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"There are three things you must ask yourself before you say anything…"

Agreed SO SO HARD. Craig, you are a genius.

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dear daniel tosh…

This continues to be the most silencing thing and I’m always shocked when people reblog it. We wouldn’t have … god, we wouldn’t have ANYTHING AT ALL if people actually followed this.  

Does my fic count as something that needs to be said by me, now?  Surely not.

Does any fiction, ever, count?  Not really.

Does this post count?  

Does my saying, “Hey, I’m a person, stop treating me like I’m not one” count? Only, I think, if I’m speaking for a set of people beyond just myself.  

Otherwise, the universe can chug along perfectly fine, and has for millions of years, without my saying a single word.

I disagree, to be honest. I don’t know if you’ve actually seen the bit (which you can watch here) but mostly what he’s referring to is people being dicks because they can get away with it, such as on the internet due to the deadly combination of anonymity and people simply failing to think before they speak.

While I see the point you’re making, it’s really not a blanket statement about all communication ever, and certainly not about a creative process such as writing fiction, but specifically about angry and reactionary things people say without thought.

Think fanwank. Think youtube comment pages. Think that one asshole who always feels the need to play devil’s advocate, but obviously doesn’t really understand what “devil’s advocate” means.

As far as defense of yourself (‘Hey, I’m a person…’), yes I absolutely think that meets all three requirements. I think it goes without saying that some things are absolutely worth standing up for, and this shouldn’t be taken as a reason no to do so. But even those things can get you so upset that your reaction can devolve from a reasoned response to internet flame wars, (think less ‘I’m a person’ and more ‘Yeah, well YOU’RE not a person’) so you take a look at what you’re going to say and from it you lose the things that don’t need to be said until you’re left with something that makes your point without making you an asshole. I absolutely believe that people should do that and I think it would improve discourse, not silence it.

That’s what you do with Depression, you mask the symptoms. The symptoms of Depression IS depression, it’s not a symptom of something else. It’s not like you go “oooh, I feel really sad” and then your arse falls off. The symptoms of Depression is depression. You take away the symptoms of Depression HALLOOOOO! you’re cured! But Tom [Cruise] was like “no, no, no Matt. Matt, these drugs Matt, these drugs they’re just a crutch, these drugs are just a crutch!” and I’m thinking “yes?”. THEY’RE A CRUTCH! You don’t walk up to a guy with one leg and say “hey pal, that crutch is just a crutch, THROW IT AWAY! Hop ya bastard! That crutch is masking the symptoms of your one leggedness”.

Craig Ferguson on Tom Cruise attacking Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants to fight Post-Partum Depression. (via themarriageofadeadblogsing)

I have always thought Craig Ferguson was a very smart man. It appears I was right.

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“It’s not like you go “oooh, I feel really sad” and then your arse falls off.”

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I’m not sure, but I think that’s probably ass cancer.

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Hey tumblr, Craig gets you.

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